H&B Podcast 003: Roll to Seduce the Centaur

Edit: SoundCloud is being silly and stopping the episode at the 50′ mark. We recommend listening to this week’s episode on iTunes or TuneIn! Sorry for any inconvenience!

Another awesome episode of Hexes & Bows is out today! (Be warned, there’s a bit of nsfw language use in this one!)

Fill your ears with the sweet, sultry voices of Gnome, Tim, Hansard, and first time co-host, Tara (aka Mrs. Gnome!). There’s plenty to talk about today, with topics ranging from roleplaying in non-roleplaying games, zombies, zombies, zombies!, and Gnome’s personal favorite topic of late 80s / early 90s childhood board games!

This week’s Kickstarter Spotlight showcases the very cool, very large game by ODAM Publishing called The Shared Dream. Listen to the podcast, see if it interests you, then head to their Kickstarter page and pledge! Act fast, because by the time this posts, the game has only 2 days left (but it’s already been funded!).

Is there a game you’d love to dig up from the attic or repurchase in order to play again? Let us know in the comments!

Games Discussed:

Dead of Winter, Pandemic, ODAM: The Shared Dream, Elder Signs, Lego games, COD, Pretty Pretty Princess, Mall Madness, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil, Zombicide, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, Vampire the Masquerade, World of Darkness, Dream Phone, Crossfire, Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Perfection, Cards Against Humanity, Lotteria

The Clickables!

*Dear Listener ❤

We apologize for some of the audio and for some conversations stepping over others. We were trying a new thing with the microphones and it did not work out. We’re still learning the game, so thank you kindly for your patience and understanding!

The Hexes & Bows Podcast Team

P.S. Also, don’t stick metal things in electric things. Don’t do it. We aren’t responsible if you do. -.-

One thought on “H&B Podcast 003: Roll to Seduce the Centaur

  1. Tales from the Fandom says:

    Great third show everyone. Really loved the introduction of Tara to the group.

    Old World of Darkness was phenomenal. As someone who had nearly the entire set of Vampire and Werewolf books published, it was the most played game of my college group. While I think the “bougie” aspect of Vampire was there, it certainly never played like that with our characters. I wasn’t a fan of the New World of Darkness for a variety of reasons (making rolls more difficult, the deconstruction/reconstruction of clans, etc). However, Onyx Path now has the licenses to the products and has done phenomenal Kickstarters. I think the storyteller system is a wonderful RPG system and hope that everyone gets a chance to try out their favorite supernatural creature, be it Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, etc…

    There was a Lord of the Rings RPG released in 2002 by Decipher. I never played it, but it was around during the movie releases.

    It amused me (because I’m old) when there was the kind of surprise/realization there were Warcraft games before World of Warcraft, since i remember them all coming out. Again, I am old(er).

    I am loving the podcast. Your podcast has replaced at least one-two others in my listening schedule. Can’t wait for the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

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