Student Bodies by Angry Duck Games

This weekend, I attended ComiCONN at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. I was actually there on behalf of another body, Exploring Comics, but while there I ran across a small local tabletop game developer called Angry Duck Games and we had a great chat.

They were providing a promo of their new game, which stands out to me in a number of ways. Student Bodies is a board game in which players must make their way through a zombie-infested high school. However, unlike many other zombie infestation stories, the players are neither equipped to handle the crisis nor are they trying to avoid infection. Each player, in fact, begins play as a high school student that’s already bitten, but not yet turned. Using the limited skills and knowledge available to the average (and I do mean average) high school student, you must fight through the hordes of undead and beat the other players to a promised single dose of antidote at the other end of the school, find out which chemical in the lab is actually the right one, and then escape the building with your prize before the military destroys the school and everything left inside.


Obviously, this is a highly competitive game. Lots of zombies, one antidote, and only so much time. There’s a lot of teen angst and drama available here!

Not a competitive gamer? Rejoice in knowing that there’s also a cooperative aspect! All you have to do to change the feel of the game is die!

When your character dies, instead of sitting out the rest of the game, you begin playing a zombie. And all the zombies are one big happy team with a shared objective: stop and, if possible, eat the other players.

While talking to Tim Lee, product manager and publisher with Angry Duck, I also had the opportunity to watch some of the game in action, and it looks really fun. They estimate the game taking about 45 minutes, and while I don’t actually know the top end of how many players can participate, they had four actively involved. It will be a great addition to any game night that has room in its cold, dead heart for horror survival and youthful violence. They have a lot of other projects in the works, and we have opened discussion about having access to those as soon as they become available for review, so keep an eye out here for more from Angry Duck Games!

Student Bodies is available from the ADG store for $40 and is recommended for ages 14 and up.

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