Hexes & Bows Plays Dungeons and Dragons

In case you miss out on our live Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition roleplaying sessions over on Twitchyou can catch up here! We’ll be uploading all of our past gaming sessions for your viewing entertainment!

Follow the story of Grohl the Half-Goliath Fighter, Taliel the Wood Elf Ranger and her pet Mastiff, Faradir, Makaria the Tiefling Sorceress, and Teak the Gnome Druid as they explore the town of Neverwinter!

We’ll have a complete write-up posted here shortly, but in the meantime, check out our newest uploaded episode!

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D&D: Lost Mines of Phandelver Episodes:

Our group decided to get into Dungeons and Dragons with the Fifth Edition Starter Campaign. It seemed like the perfect place for entirely new players and ancient players to become acquainted with the newest roleplaying system from Wizards of the Coast. Unfortunately, we did not start recording episodes until about 30 hours into the campaign.

The footage we did record was live on Twitch and is constantly improving in both roleplay, storytelling, rules knowledge, and of course, production quality. We hope you understand our humble beginnings and continue to grow with us as we strive to improve our sessions for your viewing pleasure!  If you have not played the 5e Starter Campaign, you may want to skip to episode 10 to avoid spoilers! Once the campaign ended, we began our homebrew story!

Thank you for watching!

Episode 1 – First Dragon Encounter (aka Critmas!)
Episode 2 – Cragmaw Castle
Episode 3 – Wave Echo Cave Part 1
Episode 4 –  Wave Echo Cave Part 2
Episode 5 – Wave Echo Cave Part 3
Episode 6 – Wave Echo Cave Part 4
Episode 7 – Wave Echo Cave Part 5
Episode 8 – Wave Echo Cave Part 6
Episode 9 – Wave Echo Cave Final

Hexes & Bows Homebrews in Neverwinter

With the Dungeons and Dragons: Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign successfully completely, our adventuring party decides to stay in Neverwinter, meddling in local affairs to earn coin and cred as they take their time deciding what to do with their lives.  We’ve a better understanding of the rules, of our characters, and of the world we are creating together. Enjoy our homebrew adventures in the Forgotten Realms!

Join us once a month on Twitch to watch the live stream, or catch up with the videos below!

H&B Episode 1 – The End is the Beginning
H&B Episode 2 – Never Split the Party
H&B Episode 3 – Always Trust a Stranger Part 1
H&B Episode 4 – Always Trust a Stranger Part 2
H&B Episode 5 – Right Place, Right Time
H&B Episode 6 – Twitch ate our video ;-;
H&B Episode 7 – Meet the Silverstands
H&B Episode 8 – Fancy Feast
H&B Episode 9 – 5/29 at 1pm